2023 Bandit Bike X-Trail Lite Review

The X-Trail Lite is a bike that can do almost anything! Here's a short list of what it can't do. It cant do your taxes, or mow your lawn. Other than that, the X-Trail Lite might be up to the task. It's got fat tires, full suspension, a rear rack, and a display that comes straight out of the future. Check it out!

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Detailed Specs

Price: $1,500
Minimum Range: 35 Miles
Top Speed: 28 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 696Wh Battery, 750W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: Full
Gearing: 7 Speed, Shimano Tourney
Brakes: Hydraulic, 180mm Rotors
Cargo Capacity: 75 Pounds

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Hey, hey, hey, bike enthusiasts! That’s right, I’m talking to you! It's your pals at ElectrifiedReviews.com, back with another review that'll make you want to pedal your heart out. Today, we're talking about the 2023 Bandit Bike X-Trail Lite - the Ebike that's got it all, and then some. We're talking fat tires, full suspension, a rear rack, and a display that's so futuristic, you’ll want to give it a Turing test. And the best part? It's only gonna set you back a cool $1,500. Does it deserve the price tag? Stay tuned to find out! You won't regret it (unless you hate fun, but who hates fun? That's just weird).
Hold onto your helmets, folks - we've got a motor that's gonna make you feel like you're riding a flying saucer (minus the whole alien abduction thing, hopefully). The X-Trail Lite's rear-hub motor nearly levitates this thing, with a nominal output of 750 watts. And with the well-tuned pedal-assist sensors, you'll be flying down the road like a bat out of heck (sorry, we're a family-friendly channel). You should also hold onto your handlebars because this bad boy falls into the Class 3 category, which means it can reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour with pedal assist. That's faster than a cheetah on roller skates (we've done the research). So if you want to feel the wind in your hair (or under your helmet, safety first), hop on the X-Trail Lite and get ready for a wild ride. Just remember to hold onto your socks (or anything else that might fly off) - Hold on to everything you have if you want to keep it.
The X-Trail Lite's removable 696 WH battery gives you a minimum range of 35 miles, which is a lot of circles around your neighborhood. And with the convenience of easy removal for charging, you can top up the battery anywhere you want - whether it's in your cozy living room or in a secluded forest. I mean..you’d need a generator in the forest scenario, but you could do it. So if you're ready to leave range anxiety in the dust (or mud, or sand, or whatever terrain you prefer), hop on the X-Trail Lite and let it carry you to greatness! Or the gas station for a Snickers.
Say goodbye to the days of awkwardly hopping onto your bike like a frog on a hot plate - with the X-Trail Lite, mounting and dismounting is as easy as pie (unless you're bad at baking, in which case, it's probably easier). And with an upright riding position that'll make you feel like you're royalty (minus the servants and the whole being-rich thing), this bike is perfect for riders who want to at least pretend. This bike's frame geometry provides a standover height of 15 inches (or about 0.231 Altuves) and a reach of 18 inches, making it suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes (except maybe those who are really, really tiny or really, really huge).
With an 80mm travel front suspension fork, this bike is ready for anything you throw at it (or throw it at, if you're feeling feisty). And with lockout and pre-load adjustment options, you can fine-tune your suspension setup for any situation - whether you're cruising on a smooth path or shredding down a bumpy trail (like a boss, obviously). The rear suspension was tuned really well and added a huge bonus for us in the ride feel department. The fact that we can adjust the saddle up and down, while still getting a legit moped-style seat was really cool! This really opens the X-Trail to more folks of differing leg lengths. Man, say that 10 times fast…deep breath in…I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t do that to ya.
Safety is paramount, and the X-Trail Lite doesn't disappoint with its hydraulic disc brakes and 180mm rotors. These brakes provide consistent stopping power at every squeeze of the trigger. The fact that we have hydraulic brakes here is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. Where is the humor you ask? Safety is not a joking matter, so we’ll just take a break from that. I had to throw at least one pun in there…
With a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system that's smoother than a baby's bottom (minus the diaper rash), this bike is ready to take on any terrain (except maybe outer space, but we're working on it). If you're looking for a bike that lets you ride like a champion (or at least like someone who knows how to shift gears without falling over), hop on the X-Trail Lite and cruise seamlessly into the extras section of this review. Seamless transition…
The X-Trail Lite comes with a full suite of extras to enhance your riding experience. It features full fenders to keep you dry in wet conditions, integrated front, and rear lights for added visibility, and a cargo capacity of 75 pounds on its rear rack. These extras make the X-Trail Lite a fantastic choice for riders who want a practical and well-equipped Ebike, kind of like Hermione Granger's purse from Harry Potter - it's small, but it fits everything you need (and maybe even a few things you don't, like a petrified cat or a Sneakoscope).
Get ready to feel like Maverick in "Top Gun," folks - the cockpit of the X-Trail Lite is like a fighter jet, ready for takeoff (minus the missile launchers, of course). The color display here is more informative than the morning news (and less depressing). The coolest part is the NFC card that you can use to unlock the bike. This is the first one I’ve personally used, and I loved the functionality, plus the display itself had a clean look to it, and showed you all the pertinent info you’d want a display to…well, display.
Use Case:
The X-Trail Lite is like a magical creature from "Fantastic Beasts"! With fat 4-inch tires and a suspension smoother than a Hippogriff's flight, this bike is like a creature that's ready for any use case you could conjure up. And with ample cargo space, it's like a Thunderbird, ready to carry all your treasures. If magic isn’t your thing, the X-Trail would be a solid bike for short-distance commuters, or an all-around utility Ebike.
With a powerful motor that's stronger than the Hulk, a comfortable frame geometry that's more ergonomic than an Iron Man suit, and a host of practical extras that are more helpful than a utility belt, this bike offers more bang for your buck than a Tony Stark invention. And while it may not be as light as Thor's hammer, its performance and capabilities more than makeup for it (plus, you won't need to be worthy to lift it). So if you're ready to ride like a superhero (or at least someone who's seen the movies), head on over to ElectrifiedReviews.com to learn more about this fantastic Ebike and join the league of extraordinary riders. Happy riding!

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Such a great bike checks all the boxes style comfort performance affordability with so many different e bikes to choose from. It’s refreshing and exciting for a company like bandit to step up and deliver a great bike is a even better price point before you know it, you’ll be eastbound and down with the bandit

Looks like a solid ride