2023 Denago Cruiser Model 1 Review

Step aside, Marty McFly! There's a new cruiser in town, and it's not the DeLorean. The Denago Cruiser Model 1 is here, and it's ready to rock 'n roll. Priced at a super-affordable $1,100, this electric bike comes with a 350W motor, 396Wh battery, and is as comfortable to ride as it looks.

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Detailed Specs

Price: $1,100
Minimum Range: 20 Miles
Top Speed: 20 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 396Wh Battery, 350W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: None
Gearing: 7 Speed, Microshift RD-M21S
Brakes: Jak Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors

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Step aside, Marty McFly! There's a new cruiser in town, and it's not the DeLorean. The Denago Cruiser Model 1 is here, and it's ready to rock 'n roll. Priced at a super-affordable $1,100, this electric bike is the Grease Lightning of Eikes, perfect for cruising the boulevard or racing at Thunder Road. But enough talkin' – let's jump in and turn the radio up! And listen to me, your Ebike DJ.
The heart of this rockin' ride is a 350W, 36V Shengyi rear hub motor. It's like having the T-Birds under the hood, giving you power and torque to cruise at 20 MPH for miles on end. The twist throttle on the left side adds to the classic feel, reminding you of the bygone era of hot rods and soda fountains. Similar to their other models, the Cruiser Model 1 is tuned for more of your average rider, meaning people who haven’t ridden a bike for a while won’t feel like they’ve hopped on the latest Space X rocket and are taking off down the street.
The Cruiser Model 1 is powered by a 36V, 11A (396Wh) lithium-ion battery made with reliable LG 18650 cells. It's like the flux capacitor in Back to the Future, ready to power your time-traveling adventures (or at least your morning cruises) with ease. The battery is well-hidden here, and if you didn’t catch a glimpse of the motor in the back, you might not even know this is an Ebike. I don’t think we’d say it’s a stealth bike just yet, but it doesn’t scream Ebike either.
Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the frame is as sturdy as a 1950s Cadillac and as sleek as James Dean's hairdo, just less greasy. The rigid 6061-T6 aluminum alloy fork provides a smooth, enjoyable ride whether you're cruising through the streets or heading down to the sock hop. It doesn’t weigh as much as it looks either, coming in at just above 55lbs. It can carry up to 300 lbs, which is a whole lot of cherry soda. About 386.6 cans worth of cherry soda to be precise.
This cool cat skips the bounce and goes for a rigid fork. Though it may not be ready for off-roading with Indiana Jones, it's perfect for city cruising and neighborhood rides. Since you’re not going to be taking this off-road, the lack of suspension up in the front doesn’t really matter. The 27.5” x 2.3” tires seemed to be the perfect fit here, with enough cushion to make it a smooth ride, but not too fat to where we lose the traditional bike feel. They are puncture resistant and come with sidewall reflective stripes, which are both great nighttime safety features we love to see. The saddle was a typical saddle, nothing too fancy, but it fit me well and actually paired nicely with the aesthetic and ride style for this cruiser Ebike.
With Jak mechanical disc brakes and 180mm rotors, stopping is easy. Now, it wouldn’t be an Electrified Reviews review if we didn’t mention that we’d love to see hydraulic brakes on a future version of the bike. That being said, the brakes functioned well and even in the rainy weather, brought the bike to stop when we wanted. They come with motor cut-off inhibitors, so you won’t be fighting the motor when you want to come to a halt.
The Cruiser Model 1 comes with a 7-speed Microshift twist shifter and a Shimano Tourney derailleur in the rear. One of the fun things about this particular shifter is the little bike rider that shifts his position as you do. Doesn’t really add anything from a specs perspective, but it was a nice touch to help people visualize what gear they should be in.
The Cruiser Model 1 comes with extras that are cooler than a Fonzarelli thumbs-up. Reflective stripes on the cruiser tires, a bell, a kickstand, and a digital display would make even the Jetsons green with envy. The frame rates weren’t matched up in the ride test portion, so it looks like ancient Sumerian text, but in person, it’s pretty bright and shows you all the things you need to know. It comes with nice fenders that will keep you dry and clean, and a chain guard to keep those freshly pressed slacks crispy.
Use Case:
The Cruiser Model 1 is perfect for the city slicker, the neighborhood navigator, and the beachside cruiser. It's like the classic Cadillac of Ebikes – stylish, comfortable, and always ready for a Sunday drive. This is not a power-packed, performance Suron, but if you’re the type of rider that is just looking for a reliable, affordable, well-speced cruiser, then this just might be the droid you’re looking for! I mean Ebike…
In the world of Ebikes, the Denago Cruiser Model 1 is as cool as a drive-in movie on a Saturday night. With its 350W motor, 396Wh battery, and city-ready design, this bike is the James Dean of electric bikes – stylish, iconic, and always ready for adventure. So lace up those dancing shoes, slick back that hair, and let's ride into the sunset with the Cruiser Model 1. You can compare this cruiser with other Ebikes here at ElectrifiedReviews.com. Thanks for riding with us, and we’ll catch ya on the next one!

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