2022 Evelo Galaxy Lux Review

The Galaxy Lux is the latest step-through from Evelo, and it is a stunner! Hold on to your seats, because this is an Ebike that has a sleek look, excellent components, a wide range of use cases and a price tag that is hard to ignore! Do you want to use the Galaxy Lux to commute to work? Great. It can do that. Need to carry cargo? No worries. The Galaxy Lux is prepared to haul you, plus any gear, across town and back again.

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Detailed Specs

Price: $2,959
Minimum Range: 25 Miles
Top Speed: 20 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 696Wh Battery, 500W Mid-drive Motor
Suspension: None
Gearing: Enviolo Automatiq, Internally Geared CVT, Gates Carbon Belt
Brakes: Tektro, Hydraulic Disc, 180mm Rotors, Motor Inhibitors
Cargo Capacity: 55 Pounds

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The Galaxy Lux is the latest step-through from Evelo, and it is a stunner! Hold on to your seats, because this is an Ebike that has a sleek look, excellent components, a wide range of use cases and a price tag that is hard to ignore! Do you want to use the Galaxy Lux to commute to work? Great. It can do that. Need to carry cargo? No worries. The Galaxy Lux is prepared to haul you, plus any gear, across town and back again. 

But let’s talk about price. The Evelo Galaxy Lux comes in with a starting price of $4,099 USD. On its head, it comes across as a chunk of change, but as we dig into the specs, you’ll find that the price is backed up by top-of-the-line specs, and best-in-class customer support. Evelo offers free shipping and a whopping 4-year warranty, plus a free 21-day trial period. 

Now, let’s dive into the specs. 

Powering the Galaxy Lux, we’ve got a Dapu 500W mid-drive motor. This little gremlin has 100Nm torque and features Torque and Speed Sensor Controls. You can really feel the boost in torque when jumping off the line and when climbing those daunting hills. In fact, there’s so much torque with this motor that the front end will lift up if you rip the throttle at a dead stop.

This motor is also super quiet! Like…teenager sneaking out of the house quiet! I was super impressed with the amount of power I got out of the Dapu motor, without adding any noise pollution whatsoever. This is extremely remarkable. 

Out of the box the Evelo Galaxy Lux has a top speed of 20 mph, which can be reached using the thumb throttle or pedal assist. In this configuration, the Galaxy Lux is a Class 2 Ebike, which means it’s legal to ride in most areas. And if you wanna kick up a little dust, the Galaxy Lux has an unlocked top speed of 25 mph. 

Now, traveling at those speeds, we’ll need some solid brakes. And the Galaxy Lux delivers. This Ebike is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and rear wheels. These brakes have motor-cutoff functionality, which is a safety feature every Ebike should have. 

When it comes to range, the Galaxy Lux has plenty. The stock 48 volt, 14.5 amp hour locking, removable battery offers a max estimated range of 60 miles. These estimates are for ideal conditions, and if you’re an average rider, really doing some shaking and moving, you can expect to get somewhere around the 35-45 range pretty consistently! 

The battery is located in the rear rack, allowing the frame to be thin when compared to some of the hidden frame batteries we’ve seen, which also allows Evelo to create a very approachable frame, with a standover height of 16 inches. However, the battery’s location not only increases the center of gravity, but also makes the Galaxy Lux a bit back heavy, and loading up the rear rack would further increase the weight in the rear. Thankfully, the Galaxy Lux has a stiff frame with minimal frame flex.

I’m a fan of step-throughs. If you’ve been watching this channel for a while, you’ll know I deal with back issues from time to time. Although on a good day I don’t have issues swinging my legs over most of the bikes we test over here, on a bad day I pray that we’re reviewing a step-through. Step-throughs used to be considered lady, or girly bikes, but I think we’re seeing a lot of people realize that it’s just a fun and comfortable frame setup for most of the riding they do. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Are step-throughs still just for the ladies, or have we moved beyond that old stigma? Let us know your take in the comments down below. 

The Galaxy Lux’s curb weight is slender at 46 pounds, and yet this Ebike still retains an impressive payload capacity of 350 pounds. That’s important if you plan on loading up the rear rack. Evelo says that their bikes can accommodate larger riders and asks that you contact them for information on how that process works. 

We've already talked about the Galaxy Lux’s super low standover height of just 16 inches, but a few other measurements that may be important are the reach and the minimum saddle height. The reach is very grabbable at 22 inches, and the minimum saddle height is 24.5 inches. This makes it ideal for riders 4’10” - 5’10”. This is actually one of the smaller bikes and fills a pretty big gap in the market for shorter riders looking to get into Ebikes. I’m a bit on the taller side of the recommended height, but I can easily see the accessibility for people a little bit closer to the ground than myself. And my favorite thing about the Galaxy Lux’s frame geometry is the upright, relaxed riding posture. It’s perfect for those longer rides.

So, what about the chain and the derailleur? Oh yeah, there isn’t any of that old-school tech on this ride! First off, the Galaxy Lux is rocking a carbon belt. This adds to the overall sleek look of the bike, but from a functionality standpoint, this is something that is just going to keep going, and going….and going…you get it. There are also minimal maintenance requirements for these kinds of setups. 

But let’s “shift” our focus to the rear of the bike. Here we find the Enviolo Automatiq continuously variable transmission. This internally geared CVT is located in the rear wheel and offers fully automatic shifting, just like in your car, so all you have to do is start pedaling or hit the thumb throttle, and the Enviolo Automatiq does the rest. I’ve really fallen in love with this setup and find myself missing it when I have to change my own gears on other bikes. 

At the front of the Galaxy Lux we don’t have any traditional suspension, but the 24” x 2.4” CST Cyclops tires give a little extra cushion to the ride here. There were a few instances where I wished I had some front suspension, but for the most part, the Galaxy Lux won’t be doing many trail rides, so I’m not upset about not seeing any suspension forks on this bike. For those that do want to add a little more softness to the ride, an aftermarket seat post suspension can go a long way.

Wire management on the Galaxy Lux is top-notch with everything bundled and organized nicely. Evelo does a great job internally routing the cables as well. 

The Spanning Kendo integrated headlight is, unfortunately, not very bright. I love the fact that it’s integrated into the battery system, and we don’t have to worry about keeping it charged, or finding weird little batteries. Between the headlight, and integrated tail light, the Galaxy Lux is still a highly visible electric bike. And a highly visible electric bike is a safe electric bike. And a safe electric bike is…where am I going with this?

Anyways, the stock stem on the Galaxy Lux is not adjustable, but you can adjust the cant of the handlebars to get a comfortable ride no matter your size. In the middle of these swept-back handlebars, we’ve got a bright and shiny full-color LCD display that gives you more information than your out-of-town aunt at Thanksgiving dinner. On the left side of the handlebars, we’ve got the thumb throttle and the independent button pad, and on the right side of the handlebars we’ve got an optional wireless controller to adjust your cadence. Overall, the cockpit has a very tech-heavy, minimalist vibe to it that looks good and works even better. 

Overall, the Evelo Galaxy Lux is quite the Ebike machine. With a price just dipping past $4,000, on the surface, it may not seem like it deserves the price tag, but with these components and this sort of unparalleled company support, everything makes a lot of sense here. That’s my opinion, but what do you think? Is the Evelo Galaxy Lux well-priced? Why or why not? 

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