2023 Euphree City Robin X+ Review

The City Robin X+ is the latest and greatest from Euphree. It's a premium-feeling Ebike, at an entry-level cost. It's got racks, fenders, integrated lights, and one of the sleekest-looking cockpits I've ever ridden. Don't believe me? Well, jump in and take a look!

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Detailed Specs

Price: $2,099
Minimum Range: 30 Miles
Top Speed: 28 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 672Wh Battery, 500W Rear-hub Motor
Suspension: Full
Gearing: 7 Speed, MicroShift 26
Brakes: Tented Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Front Rotor, 160mm Rear Rotor
Cargo Capacity: 100 Pounds

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OVERVIEW - Premium feeling, affordably priced

Welcome back, everyone! Today we're unveiling the latest gem from Euphree - the 2023 City Robin X+. It's a premium-feeling e-bike that comes at an entry-level price of $2099. Let's dive in and see what makes this e-bike so special.

FRAME - Approachable, great colors

At first glance, the City Robin X+ dazzles with its low-step frame - perfect for easy mounting and dismounting. Paired with an upright riding position and a comfortable Velo Plush saddle, your rides are guaranteed to be a delight. The Blue color frame we have here looks bananas when you get the light angle just right!

BATTERY - More than enough juice for most commutes

The bike is powered by a removable 672 WH battery, which offers an impressive minimum range of 30 miles. It is locking and removable, with plenty of space to get it in and out without having to find the perfect angle, which some manufacturers get wrong.

MOTOR - Feels more powerful than you'd think

Coupled with the Bafang rear-hub motor - rated at 500 watts and providing 80Nm of torque - this bike delivers power, reliability, and efficiency. There’s something to be said for cadence sensors, and it’s a vibe in its own right, but a well-tuned torque sensor is an entirely elevated riding experience altogether, and Euphree really nailed it with this one.

TOP SPEED - Class 3 across the board

The City Robin X+ is a true Class 3 Ebike, meaning it's equipped with a throttle and can assist you up to a whopping top speed of 28 miles per hour if you want to utilize the torque-sensing pedal assist. Which is ideal for those who like a little extra speed on their rides.

WHEELS - Great all-terrain tires

Moving to the wheels, the bike rolls on 27.5”x 2.1” Kenda tires - ready for all kinds of terrains, paved or not. We don’t get any sidewall reflective stripes here, but nonetheless, these tires are fun to skid around on.

BRAKES - Screech. Halt. Repeat.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes feature a 180mm rotor up front and a 160mm rotor in the rear, meaning you can stop quickly when you need to. The majority of your braking power comes from the front wheel, so adding the larger disc up front was a good choice!

GEARS - Smooth shifts, great gear range

With a 7-speed MicroShift 26 gear set and MicroShift Trigger Shifters, we get enough gears to get a great top-speed riding experience, while also being able to drop it down and tackle some impressively steep climbs. The City Robin X+ comes with an 11-28T freewheel, meaning that there is some great hill climbing capabilities, but absolutely no ghost pedaling at top speed, which is a hard combo to get right for similarly priced Ebikes.

SUSPENSION - Like riding on a speedy cloud

The SR Suntour front suspension with 100mm travel and adjustable suspension seatpost ensures a smooth, bump-free journey. You can fine-tune these bad boys to your weight and terrain to really dial in your ride feel, with the pre-load and lockout adjustments.

LIGHTS - Bright enough for night riding, mounted in a great spot

The fully integrated lights offer great visibility and safety for night-time or early-morning rides. These things are honestly fairly bright, and the fact that they are mounted up at the handlebars is a safety bonus! It’ll be easier for cars and other folks to see you.

DISPLAY - Bright enough for direct sunlight, different ride modes available

The City Robin X+ features a vibrant color LCD display where you can monitor all your key riding metrics in real-time. We do an entire menu walkthrough in the video, so I suggest you check that out if you're interested in more details.

EXTRAS - Carry a ton of weight, look classy while doing so

So, what sets this bike apart? In my opinion, it’s the sleek design and functional features. It's got an integrated rear rack that can easily transport up to 100lbs, and much thicker fenders compared to the older City Robin X. This ensures a cleaner ride in all conditions. Plus, the elegant faceplate where the front basket connections are on the head tube, adds a touch of sophistication.

UPGRADES - Improved specs and performance over the City Robin X

There are a few other features that set the City Robin X+ apart from the older City Robin X model. Euphree has put significant thought into enhancing the riding experience.

CABLE MANAGEMENT - Pretty much flawless

One of the key improvements is the integrated wires into the head tube, including the front brake cable on a suspension front fork. This contributes to the bike's sleek aesthetic and prevents wire damage. The looks are killer! You almost don’t even realize it at first glance…like…wait, aren't there supposed to be a bunch of cables all jumbled around up there? Not on this bad boy!

GRIPS + LOCKS - Grippier and lockier

They've added locking grips, ensuring they don't shift while you're riding, and these grips are actually a Euphree custom design that allows you to still install their available mirrors, without sacrificing the locking feature that we love to see. They’ve also added a cafe rear wheel lock for added security. The cafe lock fits in well with the bike, and you can’t really see it unless you know what you’re looking for. They also have a great mounting point for the Euphree-branded bike lock, which I have used on this bike, but also stole to use on a few other bikes during some errands.

SADDLE OPTIONS - All of them comfortable

The City Robin X+ now comes with a Velo Plush saddle as a standard feature, enhancing comfort even more. The seat tube is also 2 inches shorter compared to the previous model, catering to a wider range of riders. They also offer a version without the seat post suspension, which lowers the minimum height requirements even more!

TORQUE SENSOR - A very nice riding experience

The torque sensor is another commendable upgrade. It gives the bike a more responsive and smooth ride, adjusting the power delivery based on how hard you pedal. And to make this feature even more versatile, Euphree offers two different programming options for customers. The one we used for the ride test, and for all other off-camera riding was the torquier mode. That’s just us, guys! If you wanted a more gradual power curve, the second programming option is there and easy to get to in the advanced settings menu.

GEAR RANGE - Better ratios

Moreover, Euphree has switched the rear freewheel from a 14-28 to an 11-28. This upgrade fine-tunes the gear ratios and, when combined with the new torque sensor, eliminates the chance of ghost pedaling, thus offering a smoother ride.

SPOKES - Thicker

And let's not forget the new, thicker 12G spokes in the rear - a small but important upgrade for added durability and support, especially when you're loading up a few items on the rack.

CAFE LOCK - Hidden, a great safety feature

The City Robin X+ also adds a cafe lock - an excellent feature for those quick stops when you don't want to carry around a big, bulky lock. I usually utilized both, and from what I understand, that’s still the recommended practice for most folks.

COMPARISON OVERVIEW - A huge step in the right direction

All these upgrades are evidence of Euphree's commitment to continuously improve and refine their e-bikes based on user feedback and technological advancements. They've done a commendable job with the City Robin X+. And if I might just throw in here, the City Robin X is not some lower-tier Ebike either! I’ve had the chance to ride a few of them, and they’re awesome! The X+ just takes that great platform and really takes it to another level.

FINAL THOUGHTS - It's undervalued

At 60 pounds with a weight limit of 275 pounds, the City Robin X+ is a sleek, powerful, and feature-packed e-bike that's worth every penny of its $2099 price tag. It's clear that Euphree aimed for a balance of comfort, functionality, and style with this bike, and they've hit the mark perfectly.

So, if you're in the market for an e-bike that offers an upgraded, premium experience without breaking the bank, the Euphree City Robin X+ should be at the top of your list.

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