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Our goal was not to just transport you physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps even through time…Back to the time of being a kid with a bike, when the excitement of speed was never burdened by low energy, traffic, etc. At ZOOZ, we’ve designed not just a bike, but an experience to revive your inner wild-child and thrill-seeker. We’ve blended the best ingredients of motorcycles, BMX, PEV and the needs of the modern world. An experience that is unmatched by any other electric bike out there.

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The UF1200 FLEX is the newest edition to the ZOOZ lineup of Urban Ebikes. Capable of doing 30+ MPH, this thing is a real thrill to ride! Coming stock with a motor that peaks at about 1,800 watts and a huge 25Ah battery, the FLEX is designed to get you up to speed and keep you there for 30-40 miles. It is also the first ZOOZ that offers full suspension. It retains everything we love about the platform while offering an even more enjoyable riding experience as if that is possible. While it can be unlocked to reach those top speeds, it ships as a Class 2 Ebike.