2023 Nanrobot N6 Review

Hey guys, are you ready for some high-octane fun? Then Meet the Nanrobot N6, a sleek and powerful electric scooter that's built for adventure. With dual 1000-watt motors, hydraulic disc brakes, and a gearless drivetrain, this Class 4 scooter is ready to tear up the trails and tackle rough terrain. I’ll assume you came here to check out the specs on this bad boy, so let's get started!

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Detailed Specs

Price: $2,199
Minimum Range: 30 Miles
Top Speed: 40 Miles Per Hour
Electronics: 1092Wh Battery, 20W Dual-hub Motor
Suspension: Full
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc, Motor Inhibitors
Tires: Pneumatic

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Hey guys, are you ready for some high-octane fun? Then Meet the Nanrobot N6, a sleek and powerful electric scooter that's built for adventure. With dual 1000-watt motors, hydraulic disc brakes, and a gearless drivetrain, this Class 4 scooter is ready to tear up the trails and tackle rough terrain. I’ll assume you came here to check out the specs on this bad boy, so let's get started!

The N6 has a price point of $2,199 USD and comes with a 180-day warranty for the battery and controllers, and a 1-Year warranty for the frame. Nanrobot also offers optional extended warranties for an additional fee. This coverage includes hassle-free repairs and protection against defects and malfunctions, as well as power surges and electrical failures. It's important to note that the extended warranty does not cover the battery, and that free after-sales services end once the normal warranty period is over. Even with some of those facts in mind, it’s cool to see Nanrobot offering extended warranty options. 

The N6's dual 1000-watt motors pack a punch, and it shows in the scooter's impressive top speed of 40 mph. These motors are located in both the front and rear hub, giving you a boost of power no matter which direction you're heading. Whether you're cruising on the streets or tackling challenging trails, the N6's motors are ready to handle it all. The gearless design is a nice touch too, as it helps to reduce maintenance and improve efficiency. Basically, these motors mean business. If you're looking for a high-performance scooter that can keep up with your active lifestyle, the N6's motors are definitely worth considering. They may not have the raw power of a motorcycle, but whoo MAN they're still plenty impressive for a scooter.

The Nanrobot N6 is equipped with a powerful lithium battery that delivers a hefty dose of power serving up 52 volts and 26 amp-hoursr . This battery is lockable and removable for easy charging, and it has an estimated minimum range of 30 miles in ideal conditions when using the throttle. However, as any seasoned e-scooter rider knows, actual range can vary based on a number of factors such as rider weight, terrain, and the level of assist you're using. If you're planning on tackling hilly terrain or carrying a lot of extra weight, you might see a decrease in range. On the flip side, if you're a lightweight rider and mostly stick to flat surfaces, you might be able to squeeze a little extra mileage out of your N6. It's always a good idea to have a rough estimate of your range in mind, but don't be afraid to push this scooter to its limits and see what it can do!

The Nanrobot N6 has a frame made of aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable. The scooter has a low-step frame design with a standover height of just 11 inches, making it easy to get on and off. It has a total length of 53 inches and a weight of 88.2 pounds, with a weight limit of 330 pounds, so it should be able to accommodate riders of most sizes. While we’re talking about the frame, check out the slick design here.

The Nanrobot N6's suspension system is a standout feature, particularly for those who plan on tackling rough or off-road terrain. The front and rear spring suspension is adjustable and designed to absorb the bumps and shocks of the ride, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. Plus, with the added ability to fine-tune the suspension to your weight and riding style, you can customize your ride to your exact preferences. Overall, the suspension on the N6 is a reliable and effective system that adds to the overall versatility of the scooter.

Let me tell you something, folks - these wheels and tires on the Nanrobot N6 are the real deal. They're big, they're chunky, and they can handle just about anything you throw their way. Whether you're cruising through the city or tackling some gnarly trails, these 10 inch pneumatic tires will keep you rolling smoothly. And with those solid rims, you won't have to worry about any damage on rough terrain. Trust me, these wheels and tires have got your back…or feet.

The Nanrobot N6 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which provide excellent stopping power in any weather condition. These brakes are located on the handlebars and are easy to reach and activate, giving you quick and confident control over your scooter. The brake levers also feature a motor cut-off switch, which is a safety feature that stops the motor when the brakes are applied. This is especially important when riding a scooter with such a high top speed, as it's important to have reliable brakes that can bring you to a stop quickly. The hydraulic disc brakes on the N6 are a standout feature that help make this scooter a top choice for riders who value safety and control.

You know how on most bikes, you've gotta fuss with all those gears to find the perfect ratio for your ride? Well, the Nanrobot N6 has none of that nonsense. It's a single-speed scooter, which means it's got a direct-drive hub motor powering the rear wheel. No shifting required! You Just hop on and go. Now, I know some of you gearheads out there might be thinking, "But guys, how will I get up those steep hills without all those gears to choose from?" Don't worry, friends. The N6's got a powerful motor that'll get you where you're going, gearless or not. Plus, it's easier to maintain and operate with just one speed.

The Nanrobot N6 boasts an adjustable stem that lets you dial in the handlebars to your preferred height and angle. The handlebars themselves are a straight design, providing an accessible riding position that's easy on the back. Plus, the ergonomic grips are a lifesaver for those long rides - your hands won't feel like they're about to fall off.

As far as controls go, the trigger throttle is conveniently located on the right side of the handlebars, and the display sits front and center for easy viewing. This color LCD screen shows all the important stuff like speed, battery level, and trip distance. And if the sun's in your eyes, no problem - the display is adjustable too. On the left side, you'll find the controls for the lights and blinkers. When you’re riding around on the N6 you do get the feeling that the layout was well-thought out. Big thumbs up to Nanrobot for getting the cockpit setup here dialed in! 

The Nanrobot N6 comes with a few nice extra features that set it apart from other scooters in its class. For one, it has a built-in USB charging port for your phone or other devices, so you can stay connected on the go. It also has a built-in lock, so you can securely lock it up when you're not using it. Additionally, the N6 has a built-in horn and lights, both front and rear, for added safety when riding at night or in low visibility conditions. The headlight is bright and the taillight is a nice touch, making you more visible to other road users. The Nanrobot N6 has a maximum payload capacity of 330 pounds, which is quite impressive for a scooter in this price range. It comes with a built-in kickstand and a rear fender mudguard, so you can easily park it and keep it clean when you're not riding. 

Overall, the Nanrobot N6 is a total beast of a scooter. With a fierce 1000 watt motor, hydraulic disc brakes that can stop on a dime, and pneumatic tires that can handle even the bumpiest of terrains, this Class 4 scooter is ready to tackle anything you throw at it. Plus, with the option to purchase extended coverage and a warranty to boot, you can ride with confidence knowing that your investment is protected. So, if you're in the market for an electric scooter that can keep up with your wildest adventures, give the Nanrobot N6 a spin (or rather, a glide). You won't be disappointed.

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