Electric Bike Categories

Off-Road Ebikes are the ultimate choice for the adventurous at heart. These electric bikes are specifically designed to tackle all types of terrain, from rocky trails and steep inclines to muddy paths and forest tracks. With powerful electric motors and rugged construction, Off-Road Ebikes offer an unparalleled blend of speed, power, and durability. Equipped with high-traction tires and advanced suspension systems, they provide exceptional stability and control, allowing riders to confidently take on challenging landscapes. Most of these bikes are full-suspension, but there are some exceptions here as well.
Electric Mountain Bikes, or eMTBs, are designed for riders who want to tackle rough terrains and steep slopes without compromising speed or performance. These bikes combine robust frame designs, heavy-duty suspension systems, and high-traction tires to offer excellent control and durability, even on the most challenging trails. Equipped with powerful electric motors and long-lasting batteries, Electric Mountain Bikes make uphill climbs less strenuous and allow you to travel further and faster. We've all been at the bottom of a single track and thought, "I wish there were a less tiring way to get back to the top..." And that's the sort of solution that eMTBs offer. Most eMTBs don't have fat tires, but there are plenty of capable fatties in our Off-Road category, there are some exceptions here of course.
Cargo Ebikes redefine what's possible on two wheels. These practical and versatile electric bikes are engineered to carry hefty loads, making them ideal for everything from grocery runs and school drop-offs to small business deliveries. With their robust frames, high-torque motors, and extended battery life, Cargo Ebikes offer an eco-friendly alternative to cars in quite a few scenarios. Many models feature a range of cargo options, including front and rear racks, oversized baskets, and even passenger seats. Their sturdy design ensures stability and safety, even when fully loaded. They're used for haulin' stuff.
Full Suspension Ebikes offer the pinnacle of comfort and control for both off-road trails and urban commutes. By absorbing impact from both the front and rear, these electric bikes deliver a smoother ride over rough terrain, potholes, and bumps. They feature advanced suspension systems in both the front forks and rear frame, resulting in improved traction and better handling. Coupled with powerful electric motors and high-capacity batteries, Full Suspension Ebikes ensure that no road is too rough and no journey too treacherous. These bikes are perfect for those seeking an adventurous ride or just wanting to glide over city streets in maximum comfort.
These bikes might be a bit on the pricier side, but they're worth it! For us, any bike that is over $3,500 is considered premium in price, but some of these Ebikes are premium quality as well.
These bikes are made for cruising through any environment and bringing back the goods. Whether you're scouting out your next hunting location, or hauling back meat for winter, these bikes can fit the bill. Most of these bikes offer hunting-specific accessories as well.
These bikes are light, ultra-light even. These are bikes that you could carry up a flight of stairs or would be easy to throw in the truck. If you're looking for something that will be easy to handle, check out these bikes that weigh less than 45 lbs.
These are bikes that are geared towards us older folks who still want to get out and enjoy the world around us. These bikes generally have lower power, lower torque, and lower top speed. There are a few other considerations, such as handling and balance, and all of that was taken into account when crafting this list.
These are bikes that are either designed with women in mind or have some attributes we see associated with bikes that are marketed toward women. Obviously, there are a ton of women out there that ride different types of bikes, and we have tons of other categories to search through if none of these electric bikes are your thing.
This one is pretty self explanatory. Any bike that has a stand-over height of 20 inches or less, would be considered for this category. There are some exceptions, but this is the basic requirement for us to consider a bike a true "step-though".
These bikes aren't made for the road less traveled, in fact, they're made for the road that is traveled the most: the Urban environment. These bikes generally don't have suspension and usually have smaller diameter tires, but as always, there are some exceptions here!