Electric Vehicle Brands

Denago Ebikes is a relatively new Ebike company, but they've launched several succesful models in the Ebike space. Based in Texas, you can see their full lineup at their experience center in Frisco, Texas.
DYU is an electric bike company that was founded in 2016. With a global presence in over 60 countries, DYU has sold more than 1 million Ebikes worldwide. With an impressive track record in the industry, DYU continues to offer innovative Ebikes to customers around the world.
Eahora is an electric vehicle brand based out of California in the United States. Since 2006, it has been engaged in the research and development and production of electric vehicles, including electric bikes. They favor bikes with big tires, suspension, and an off-road personality.
Electric Bike Company, launched in 2012 as Madiba Electric Bikes (named after Nelson Mandela), was renamed to EBC in 2016. Their cruisers are known for their feature-rich design, powerful hub motors, high max weight rating of 360 lbs, and single-speed gearing. They own a 50% stake in their battery supplier, Turnlife, and use high-quality parts from brands like Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. They offer a five-year warranty. EBC also ships internationally to select countries. Their bikes are extremely customizable and arrive fully assembled.
<p>EUNORAU has been producing electric bicycles in English-speaking regions such as Europe, North America, and Australia since 2010. Fun fact, the name EUNORAU is derived from a combination of these three continents! EUNORAU specializes in affordably priced electric bikes and scooters, with a huge lineup of models that has something for everyone. While they originally sold mostly direct to consumer, they've really invested in their dealer network and now have over 400 dealers worldwide, pretty impressive! Equally impressive is their warranty that covers frames for five years, batteries for two, and most other components for one.</p>
EVELO Electric Bicycle Company began its journey in 2011, introducing a line of electric bikes that came with a patented mid-drive motor and a special NuVinci N360 internal drivetrain. In 2015, EVELO expanded its product range with the introduction of the Omni Wheel, an all-in-one electric wheel that allows anyone to convert a regular bike into an electric one in just 20 minutes without requiring any technical skills. EVELO uses a direct-to-consumer distribution model, bypassing the middleman and passing on the savings to the customer. The company also relies on a network of Ambassadors across the country to provide customers with personalized service. With nearly fully assembled bikes, EVELO ships directly to its customers' doors.
Flash was founded during the summer of 2017 and started with their flagship model the Flash V1. Since then, the company has introduced a few other models and is continuously developing their product line with new offerings. Their goal is to provide cutting-edge Ebikes to the market.
Freesky is an Ebike brand that specializes in off-road and fat tire Ebikes.
Richard Thorpe, the creator of Gocycle, is a design engineer who has spent 25 years working in the light electric vehicle and motorsports industry, founding Gocycle's parent company in 2002. Drawing upon his expertise in developing lightweight components for racing cars and a passion for pioneering engineering, Richard envisioned Ebikes as being elegant, desirable, enjoyable to use, and most importantly, fun.
GOTRAX is based out of Dallas, Texas. They produce electric scooters, electric bikes, and other EVs.
Heybike is a manufacturer of Ebikes that sells mainly direct to consumer.
Himiway was founded in 2017, and has since grown to be one of the power-houses in the direct-to-consumer Ebike space. With their Ebikes, their goal is to offer affordable electric transportation, paired with exciting designs and industry-standard components.