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URBAN DRIFT is inspired by the street culture, besides the technology we use in our e-scooter, we try to combine street hiphop culture and product design to develop bold, beautiful and eco-friendly personal transportation.

URBAN DRIFT has many scooters in development, including an off-road electric scooter. We want to build URBAN DRIFT an innovative brand that is dedicated to making premium e-scooter with different design language and offering you a better experience on your way home.

We mainly engaged in research, development, production and patent analysis in electric vehicles, electric scooters, mini electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and toy cars. We also develop domestic dealer trade and foreign trade team, attracting overseas customers, training leaders of trade personnel window.


There are off-road scooters and then there is the G63 from Urban Drift. It's big, it's tough as a tank, and it's got dual suspension with a monstrous amount of travel! This power and durability comes at a cost with a curb weight of 91 pounds, so hopefully you don't need to carry it up any stairs.