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TENWAYS is a group of cycle enthusiasts and experts in the bike trade who are obsessed with building a greener and more sustainable world together, through a community of e-bikers. They have a headquarters in the Netherlands, offices, assembly, and warehousing in Europe, and a vertically integrated global manufacturing and supply chain. They are centrally located in various epicenters of the EV manufacturing world.

The CGO600 Pro by TENWAYS is like the Ebike version of a Swiss Army knife, if a Swiss Army knife were funny, avocado green, and whisper quiet. This Ebike’s minimalist design, is perfect for anyone who's ever thought, "You know what would make my life better? Riding around town on a sleek, efficient vehicle while wearing a cape." The capes are sold separately, unfortunately. Head on over to ElectrifiedReviews.com to order your cape today!