In July 2019, Buzz E-Bikes emerged onto the scene as a new player in the electric bicycle market. The brand operates under the umbrella of United Wheels, a company that operates multiple well-known bicycle brands, including Huffy, Niner, and Batch. Buzz E-Bikes differentiated itself by adopting a direct-to-consumer business model, meaning their products will not be available in traditional retail stores or sold by third-party sellers. By prioritizing their relationship with consumers, Buzz E-Bikes aims to offer an unparalleled experience when purchasing and using their electric bicycles.

Happy holidays, friends and welcome back to another episode of Electrified Reviews! Today we’re reviewing the Buzz Charter F, which is an incredibly lightweight folding electric bike and an equally incredible price of $999. And that does includes free shipping as well.The Buzz Charter F is great starter electric bike since it has that super low price point, but it would also be great as a second e-bike for the family or maybe even a dedicated e-bike for the RV, boat or small plane. When folded, it’s small enough to fit in the trunk of pretty much any car, and at 35 pounds, it’s light enough to easily pick up, which makes stowing the Charter F a piece of cake.